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Job Post & Screen Services

Our Job Post & Screen Services include Spring Search Group posting your open position on LinkedIn and processing the applications. We post the role according to best practices, filter and focus in on the qualified candidates that applied for the role, and narrow in on a succinct list of the top candidates that applied for the role.


We send the top, qualified applicants an applicant interview questionnaire that evaluates basic information (interest in role, job search status, reason for leaving current position, technical skill set per client's spec, personality description, commute to client's office, salary requirements, and authorization to work in the USA). We then present relevant applicants, their interview questionnaire and their resumes to our client.


The offering makes sense for companies that are trying to keep recruiting costs low given that the hiring manager or internal recruiter takes on a portion of the workflow typically done by a Spring Search Group recruiter. The offering is very attractive for companies that don’t have an internal recruiter available for junior and mid-level positions operational positions or companies that find themselves in a high growth spurt where their internal recruiters need additional support – and it’s particularly attractive for hiring managers that are hiring multiple people for the same position.


Bottom line, you save time by letting Spring Search Group do the job postings, reviewing of applicants and screening of qualified applications. You’re left with a pool of relevant, interested candidates to assess for the position.


The detailed steps of this service include:

  • Posting the Job on LinkedIn per a Spec Provided by the Client. Our client provides the job description and the parameters of the target candidate. We post the opportunity on LinkedIn under our client's brand name and LinkedIn company profile.

  • Processing of Applications. We process the applications to the job posting and focus in on the candidates that match our client's requirements for the role.

  • Applicant Interview Questionnaire. We send each relevant applicant an interview questionnaire, obtaining basic information (interest in role, job search status, reason for leaving current position, technical skill set per job requirements, personality description, commute to client's office, and authorization to work in the USA).

  • Final Deliverables to Client. At the conclusion of our efforts, we provide our client a spreadsheet of the most relevant, qualified, top 10 applicants with a link to the interview questionnaire, resume, and contact information. At client's review of the information, we connect the client to the candidates they are interested in meeting via an introductory email. The client takes the interview process from this point forward. Our client may end up hiring one or many of the individuals presented for the position.


Sample Deliverables:

Types of roles included in this service:

  • Manager and Associate/Staff level positions.  Our Job Posting & Screen Services are available for Manager and Associate/Staff levels only. We do not take on positions at the Director level or higher given that the sourcing of target lists at this level is more complex.  In addition, communications with senior level candidates requires the expertise of an executive recruiter.


The fee structure for this service:

  • We charge $2950 per Job Posting on LinkedIn.

  • We are seeing 25 -- 1000+ applicants replying to our job postings (depending on the type of position).  Please ask us our expected response rates for specific positions.

  • We can typically turn this process around within 5 – 10 business days and present the final deliverables to our client.

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